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HTML5 Input Types


In addition to the supported field types, Meta Box also supports all HTML5 input types, such as url and tel. You can start using them without writing any extra code.

What is HTML5 input types?

HTML5 input types are types for the text input that are added to the HTML5 and are supported by all browsers. They act similar to text input, but for other data types, such as URL, email or date. Using HTML5 input types have some benefits:

  • You have built-in UI like the arrow up/down for number or a picker for date/time/week. The UI is various in different browsers, but it works. And it also supports mobile devices.

built-in UI for week input

  • You have built-in validation. If users enter invalid data (for url or email), the browser will throw an error.

invalid email error

  • Finally, you have a semantic markup

Here are the list of HTML5 input types that you can use:

Input TypeDescription
searchSearch input field
emailEmail input field, which has validation for email
urlURL input field, which has validation for URL (e.g. must starts with http)
telTelephone input field
numberNumber input field, which has up/down arrows to increase/decrease the number.
rangeRange input field, which allows you select a number by dragging a control.
monthMonth input field, which has the built-in UI for picking a month
weekWeek input field, which has the built-in UI for picking a week
datetime-localDatetime input field, which has the built-in UI for picking a date and time with the local timezone

Please note that some types such as date, datetime, time and color are already implemented with different UI. So they're not available as the custom HTML5 input types anymore.

Using HTML5 input types with Meta Box

Using HTML5 input types with Meta Box is as simple as text field. All you need to do is set the type attribute of the field to the corresponding HTML 5 input type.

For example, the code below creates a tel field:

'id' => 'field_id',
'type' => 'tel', // New HTML 5 input type
'name' => 'Telephone',

That's it.

In order to customize the field, you might want to add some custom attributes to the input such as size, pattern. Even without custom attributes, the field work just fine and you'll benefit from all things that HTML5 provide.