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Online Generator

Online Generator is a tool to help you create and set up custom fields using a simple, friendly user interface. With it, you can add fields, set options and generate needed code that's ready to copy and paste.

Before using Online Generator, make sure you installed and activated Meta Box plugin.

Create and set up custom fields

Add fields

To add fields, click field types on the left. Related fields are put into groups for a fast reference. You can also search for a field by typing in the search box.

select a field type

Once you add a new field, field settings panel will appear on the right, where you can enter field details such as ID, label or description.

edit field settings

You can also toggle the field settings by clicking the field title bar.

Remove, duplicate, reorder fields

On the title bar, there're 2 icons for removing and duplicated fields. When you hover the mouse over the field settings, you'll see move up and down buttons for reorder fields.

remove, duplicate, reorder fields


Once you complete adding fields, click the Settings tab to add settings for the custom fields.

settings tab

Field group titleName the field group as you want (Required)
Field group IDField group ID. If you didn’t type anything here, the field group ID would be automatically generated from the title (Optional)
Post typesCustom post types which the field group is for.
PositionWhere the field group is displayed.
PriorityPriority within the context where the box is displayed
AutosaveAuto save the custom fields' values (like post content and title)?
Field ID prefixAuto add a prefix to all field IDs to keep them separated from other field groups or other plugins.
Text domainRequired for multilingual website. Used in the exported code only.

Generate code

After you finish configuring your custom fields and meta boxes, click the Generate code button to get the code for the meta box. Then copy and paste them into the theme's function.php file.

You might want to modify the code if needed. After copying to your theme's functions.php file, go to All Posts > Add New to see the result!


Online Generator is a great tool for WordPress beginners and developers to generate custom meta boxes and custom fields for the Meta Box plugin. It saves you a lot of time with a friendly UI and lets you build a bunch of fields without touching code.

It works as a stand-alone tool, meaning that it can't be put inside your WordPress admin. Instead, you can copy the generated code and paste it into your theme's functions.php file.

In the case that you want to use it inside your WordPress admin and have extra settings for fields or premium extensions, don’t forget to try Meta Box Builder.

Beside using the generator for the custom fields, you may want to have custom post types and custom taxonomies. So, Meta Box also provides several WordPress generator tools such as WordPress Custom Post Type Generator, and WordPress Custom Taxonomy Generator. Or. you can use the MB Custom Post Type plugin to create custom post type and custom taxonomy inside your website. It is free and available on

Let’s try and give us your feedback.