Meta Box Overview

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Meta Box is a framework that helps developers build custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress fast and easily. It has a wide range of field types, field settings and supports not only posts but also terms, users, comments, settings pages, and custom tables.

Meta Box has 3 parts:

  • Meta Box core plugin, which is free and available on It’s the foundation of all features and is always required (activated).
  • Extensions: provide extra features (free or premium). Extensions are like modules and can be used separately. All extensions are bundled into a special plugin Meta Box AIO/MB Core, which allows you to install only one plugin and have all features. You can enable/disable extensions in Meta Box AIO/MB Core if you want.
  • Solutions: ready-to-use plugins for real use cases. They contain needed extensions for specific purposes and custom code to make them do the task.

To see guides for each feature/solution, please navigate to the corresponding item on the left menu.

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