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What is Meta Box?

When using WordPress as a CMS (not just for blogging), you'll need more than just posts and pages. For example, if you want to show events on your website, you'll need a content type called "event" with some fields to store event details such as date and location. In WordPress, we call them custom post type and custom field. To create custom post types and custom fields, you'll need a plugin like Meta Box.

Meta Box is a framework that helps you create custom post types and custom fields quickly and easily. A framework provides all the tools you need for managing data and building features for your WordPress websites, saving you time and allowing you to focus on business logic.

Meta Box provides powerful features via extensions such as front-end form submission, creating post relationships, saving data in custom tables, toggling fields with conditional logic, creating Gutenberg blocks, and many integrations with 3rd-party plugins.

Whether you are a WordPress user or developer, Meta Box is a toolkit that can grow with you. We'll help you to boost your productivity and workflow. We can't wait to see what you build.

Why Meta Box?

There are a variety of plugins available to you when working with custom fields. However, we believe Meta Box is the best choice for building a performant and full-featured website.

Easy for everyone

With a user-friendly interface, low-code features, and built-in snippets, you can work with Meta Box easily even if you are not a developer.


Meta Box offers the most complete set of features among custom fields plugins. Whatever you need, Meta Box has it for you. The more you use, the more you will find.

Lightweight & fast

Being thoroughly optimized for code and for how to store data, Meta Box never impacts your website speed or performance.


With APIs and actions, filters in many necessary places, you can change how to display fields, change data, or do other things like sending emails.

Learn more about Meta Box philosophy.

Meta Box overview

Meta Box has 3 parts:

  • Meta Box core plugin, which is free and available on It's the foundation of all features and is always required (activated).
  • Extensions: provide extra features. Extensions are like modules and can be used separately. All extensions are bundled into a special plugin Meta Box AIO or MB Core (depending on your purchase plan), which allows you to install only one plugin and have all features. You can enable/disable extensions in Meta Box AIO/MB Core if you want. Docs for each extension can be found in the Extensions menu.
  • Solutions: ready-to-use plugins for real use cases. They contain needed extensions for specific purposes and custom code to make them do the task. As they are similar to extensions, we put their docs under Extensions menu.

Now you know about Meta Box, let's start using it!