Field settings

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Each field contains settings to determine where and how data is loaded and saved. All fields share some common settings, but also offer unique settings per field type. These unique settings can be found by reading more about the field type.

To understand field types and settings for each type, please see this video below:

Field settings can be customized when editing a field group in Meta Box Builder or the fields array if you use code to create a field group. In Meta Box Builder, settings are put into 2 tabs: General and Advanced.

Below are the screenshots of text field settings:

general settings

advanced settings

Common settings

Each field setting in the Meta Box Builder has a proper label and tooltip (if necessary) to explain what it is. Below is the table of common settings for all fields with the corresponding setting ID in case you use code.


These are common field settings in the General tab in Meta Box Builder.

Name ID Description
Label name Field label. Optional. If empty, the field input is 100% width.
ID id Field ID. Required and must be unique. It will be used as meta_key when saving to the database. Use only numbers, letters, and underscores (and rarely dashes).
Type type Field type. Required. In Meta Box Builder, you can switch field type if needed. The list of field types is already available in the Meta Box Builder and is showed below for reference.
Label description label_description Label description, displayed below the field label. Optional.
Input description desc Field description, displayed below the field input. Optional.
Default value std Default value. Optional.
Placeholder placeholder Placeholder text for the input or select box. Optional.
Required required Whether the field is required (true or false). Optional. Default false.
Disabled disabled Whether the field is disabled (true or false). Optional. Default false.
Read only readonly Whether the field is read only (true or false). Optional. Default false.
Multiple multiple Does the field have multiple values (like the select field)? Optional. Default false.
Cloneable clone Is the field clonable (repeatable)? true or false. Optional. Default false.
Sortable sort_clone Ability to drag-and-drop reorder clones (true or false). Optional. Default false.
Clone default value clone_default Clone the default value of fields? true or false (default).
Clone as multiple clone_as_multiple Whether to store clone values in multiple rows in the database? Optional. Default false. See this post for details.
Max number of clones max_clone Maximum number of clones. Optional. Default 0 (unlimited).
Add more text add_button The text for Add more clone button. Optional. Default “+ Add more”.


These are common field settings in the Advanced tab in Meta Box Builder.

Name ID Description
Before before Custom HTML outputted before field’s HTML.
After after Custom HTML outputted after field’s HTML.
Custom CSS class class Custom CSS class, in case you want to customize the field. Optional.
Custom sanitize callback sanitize_callback Custom PHP callback for sanitizing field value before saving into the database. Set it to none to bypass the sanitization. See more details.
Save field value save_field Whether to save field value. Optional. Default true. This option doesn’t work in the block editor (Gutenberg).
Custom HTML5 attributes attributes Custom attributes for inputs. See more details.
Validation validation Validation rules for fields. Optional. See more details.
Custom settings N/A Custom field settings, useful when you want to add your settings to fields.

Field types

Below is the list of all supported field types with a brief description:

Field Type Description
autocomplete Text input that uses jQuery autocomplete library to perform the autocomplete action.
background Set background properties. Added in version 4.13.0.
button Display simple button. Usually used for JavaScript triggers.
button_group Select one or multiple choices by enabling button(s) from a group. Added in version 4.13.0.
checkbox Checkbox.
checkbox_list List of checkboxes.
color Color picker.
custom_html Output custom HTML content.
date Date picker.
datetime Date and time picker.
divider Simple horizontal line.
fieldset_text Group of text inputs.
file Simple file upload with default UI like <input type="file" />.
file_advanced File upload with WordPress media popup.
file_input Enter file URL or select a file from media library.
file_upload File upload with drag and drop area.
heading Heading text.
hidden Input field with hidden type.
image Similar to file but for images only.
image_advanced Similar to file_advanced, but for images only.
image_select Similar to radio select, but use images instead of “radio”.
image_upload or plupload_image Similar to file_upload but for images only.
key_value Add an unlimited group of key-value pairs.
map Google maps.
number Input for numbers which uses HTML5 input type="number".
oembed Input for media from Youtube, Vimeo and all supported sites by WordPress.
password Password input.
post Select dropdown for posts.
radio Radio input.
range HTML 5 range input.
select Select dropdown.
select_advanced Beautiful select dropdown using select2 library.
single_image Select or upload a single image via WordPress media popup. Added in version 4.13.0.
slider jQuery UI slider.
switch On/off switch with iOS style. Added in version 4.13.0.
taxonomy Select dropdown for taxonomy terms. Doesn’t save term IDs in post meta, but set post terms.
taxonomy_advanced Same as taxonomy but saves term IDs in post meta as a comma separated string. It doesn’t set post terms.
text Text field.
text_list Group of text inputs. Similar to fieldset_text.
textarea Textarea field.
time Time picker.
user Select dropdown for users.
video Upload or select a video from the Media Library using the WordPress media popup.
wysiwyg WordPress editor.

In addition to the above field types, you can also use HTML5 input types. See this guide for details.

Default value

The mechanism of std in Meta Box works only if the field group has not been saved before. It means all fields in that field group, not just the specific field that you set the std for. So if there’s any field that already has value, then std won’t work for other fields, even new fields you’ve just added.


When you create a new post, then no fields have values (of course), then std works for all fields.

When you edit an existing post that has a field group, then some fields might have values. Therefore, std doesn’t work for all fields. In this case, if you edit the field group and add a new field, std still doesn’t work for that new field (even it has no value before), because the field group has been saved before.

Field-specific settings

Besides all common settings, each field type can have its own settings. Please see more details for each field type on the left menu (section “Fields”).

To save time read and write settings for fields, we’ve already prepared some code examples that you can get from Meta Box Code Snippet Library.

Customize field settings

Outside of the “Edit field group” UI, it is possible to modify a field’s settings via the rwmb_normalize_field filter. This filter exposes the $field settings array for each field and allows customization to all settings.

This example shows how to modify a specific field (called customer_name) via this filter to customize settings unavailable to the UI.

add_filter( 'rwmb_normalize_customer_name_field', function( $field ) {
	$field['required'] = true;
	$field['size'] = 20;
	$field['placeholder'] = 'Mark Cuban';

	return $field;
} );

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