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rwmb_get_object_fields is a helper function that gets list of custom fields for a specific object. The object can be a post or a term or a settings page.


To get list of object fields, please use the following code:

// For posts
$fields = rwmb_get_object_fields( 123 ); // Get by post ID, or
$fields = rwmb_get_object_fields( 'your_post_type' ); // By post type

// For terms, requires MB Term Meta extension
$fields = rwmb_get_object_fields( 123, 'term' ); // Get by term ID, or
$fields = rwmb_get_object_fields( 'your_taxonomy_slug', 'term' ); // Get by taxonomy slug


This function accepts 4 arguments as below:

rwmb_get_object_fields( $type_or_id, $object_type = 'post' );
$type_or_idThe object ID or type. Type should be post type/post ID for posts, or taxonomy/term ID for terms or settings page ID for settings pages. Required.
$object_typeThe object type: post (default), term, user or setting. Optional.

Returned value

This function returns an associated array of fields, with keys are the fields' IDs. Each field is a full array of its own settings.