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rwmb_get_field_settings is a helper function which gets the field settings by field ID.

It’s very helpful in case you want to refer to field’s name, field’s options array (in a select field) or other settings later in your code.


To get field settings by field ID, just call:

$field = rwmb_get_field_settings( $field_id );
// Result: array( 'id' => 'field_id', 'name' => 'Field Name', 'type' => 'text, ... );

However, if you create a custom field for terms, users or settings pages, you will need to specify object type in the second parameter:

$field = rwmb_get_field_settings( $field_id, array( 'object_type' => 'term' ) ); // or 'user', 'setting


This function accepts 3 arguments as below:

$field = rwmb_get_field_settings( $field_id, $args, $object_id );
Name Description
$field_id The field ID. Required.
$args Extra arguments for some object types or storages. It works similarly in rwmb_meta function. Can be array or a string in format param1=value1&param2=value2. See more details in field types (on the left menu, section Fields). Optional.
$object_id Object ID that custom fields are get from. Optional. If not present, current post ID is used.

Returned value

This function returns full array of field settings.

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