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To display field value on the website, besides the helper functions, the Meta Box plugin provides a simple shortcode [rwmb_meta] to help users show the value in the post content or widget text without opening theme files and inserting PHP code.

[rwmb_meta id="field_id" object_id="15"]


Attribute Description
id The field ID. Required. Prior to version 4.17.0, this attribute was meta_key.
object_id The object ID. Optional. If not defined, then the current object ID is used. Prior to version 4.17.0, this attribute was post_id.
attribute Get a single attribute from the field value (such as URL of the image or term slug). The field value is get with the rwmb_get_value() helper function. This works only when the value is an array. Available since version 4.17.0.

This shortcode works exactly like rwmb_the_value() function with the same parameters.

Note: you can pass other attributes to the shortcode if you want. If you do so, those attributes will be passed to rwmb_the_value() function as the 2nd parameter. For example, if you want to get value from a custom table, you can use the following shortcode:

[rwmb_meta id="field_id" object_id="15" storage_type="custom_table" table="your_table_name"]

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