Cloning fields (Repeatable fields)

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The clone feature of the Meta Box plugin allows us to create multiple inputs from a text, textarea, select, … fields without declaring many fields in the code.

Making a field cloneable (repeatable)

To make a field cloneable (repeatable), just add 'clone' => true to field’s parameter. After doing that, you’ll see a new + (Add Clone) button below field input:

cloneable (repeatable) text field

Clicking on that button will duplicate field input:

cloneable (repeatable) text field

You can notice that there are new buttons - (Remove Clone) which allow you to remove clones.

Clone settings

Name Description
clone Make field cloneable? true or false (default). Optional.
max_clone Limit the number of clones. Integer. Must be greater than 2. Optional.
add_button The text for Add more clone button. Optional. Default “+ Add more”.
clone_default Clone the default value of fields? true or false (default).
sort_clone Allow to drag-and-drop sort clones. true or false (default). See the following screenshot.
clone_as_multiple Whether to store cloned values in multiple rows in the database? See this post for examples.

sortable repeatable field

Default values

When making a field cloneable, its data is an array of cloned values. So, the std parameter (default value) should represent this structure, e.g. array of cloned values.

For example:

add_filter( 'rwmb_meta_boxes', function( $meta_boxes ) {
	$meta_boxes[] = [
		'title' => 'Test Meta Box',
		'fields' => [
				'type'  => 'text',
				'id'    => 'name',
				'name'  => 'Name',
				'clone' => true,
				'std'   => [
	return $meta_boxes;
} );


default clone value

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