Meta Box AIO

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Meta Box AIO is a part of Developer and Lifetime Bundles, which contains all the extensions. This extension allows you to just install 1 plugin and have everything in hand. So you can shorten down the plugin list and never get lost in a lot of plugins provided by Meta Box.


Before installing the extension, you need to install Meta Box plugin first.

  1. Go to Plugins → Add New and search for Meta Box
  2. Click Install Now button to install the plugin
  3. After installing, click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin

The extension is just a WordPress plugin, you can install it like a normal WordPress plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins, click Add new, then click Upload plugin.
  2. Choose the .zip file you downloaded and click Install now
  3. After finishing upload, click Activate to finish.

Important: Meta Box AIO still requires Meta Box to work.

Settings page

The plugin has a settings page under Meta Box → Extensions, where you can enable/disable the extensions you need/don’t need.

meta box aio settings page

Simply check/uncheck the checkbox to enable/disable the corresponding extensions. Then click Save Changes.

Please note that you still need to install Meta Box plugin to see the admin menu.


While the settings page and the notification to install free extensions are great for users, developers might want to hide them from normal users. To do that, Meta Box AIO provides some filters:


This filter is used to show/hide the settings page. The callback function should return true to show the settings page, or false to hide it.

To hide the settings page, use the following code:

add_filter( 'mb_aio_show_settings', '__return_false' );


This filter allows you to change the list of enabled premium extensions. Thus, enable/disable modules by just coding.

This filter takes a list of enabled extensions (their slugs), and returns the filtered list.

For example, the code below enables only the Meta Box Builder extension:

add_filter( 'mb_aio_extensions', function( $extensions ) {
    $extensions = ['meta-box-builder'];
    // You can also do
    // $extensions[] = 'meta-box-builder';
    return $extensions;
} );


When an extension is enabled in Meta Box AIO and is activated as an individual plugin, the individual plugin will has higher priority and will be used. The version bundled inside Meta Box AIO will not be used.

This behavior is expected and has a good benefit: whenever we release a new version for individual extensions, you can try them first on your website to ensure compatibility before updating the whole Meta Box AIO package.

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