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This filter is used to change a field value before saving it in the database.

apply_filters( "rwmb_{$field['type']}_value", $new, $field, $old, $object_id );

It accepts 4 parameters:

$newField value which will be saved in the database
$fieldField settings
$oldThe old meta value of the field (which was previously in the database)
$object_idThe object ID

This filter has variations:

  • rwmb_{$field_type}_value: apply for fields with a specific type
  • rwmb_{$field_id}_value: apply for a field with a specific id


Disallowing a value from being saved:

add_filter( 'rwmb_event_date_value', function( $new, $field, $old, $object_id ) {
if ( $new === '2022-05-01' ) { // No events on Labor Day
$new = '';
return $new;
} );