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This filter allows developers to change the label of choice fields (user, post, taxonomy, and taxonomy_advanced).

apply_filters( 'rwmb_choice_label', $label, $field, $object );

It has 3 parameters:

$labelThe output label
$fieldField settings
$objectThe post, user, or term object

This filter has variations:

  • rwmb_choice_label: apply to all choice fields
  • rwmb_{$field_type}_choice_label: apply to choice fields with a specific type
  • rwmb_{$field_id}_choice_label: apply to a field with a specific id


Display a formatted name instead of the default display name:

add_filter( 'rwmb_some_user_choice_label', function( $label, $field, $object ) {
return "Mr: {$object->first_name}";
}, 10, 3 );