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This filter is used to normalize field settings. It's useful when you want to set default values for a field.

apply_filters( 'rwmb_normalize_field', $field );

It accepts one parameter - an array of field settings.

This filter has variations:

  • rwmb_normalize_field: apply to all fields
  • rwmb_normalize_{$field_type}_field: apply to fields with a specific type
  • rwmb_normalize_{$field_id}_field: apply to a field with a specific id


Auto add a prefix to all fields' IDs:

add_filter( 'rwmb_normalize_field', function( $field ) {
$field['id'] = "prefix_{$field['id']}";
return $field;
} );

Auto add a _ prefix to all fields' IDs to hide them from the "Custom Fields" meta box:

add_filter( 'rwmb_normalize_field', function( $field ) {
$field['id'] = "_{$field['id']}";
return $field;
} );