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This filter is used to change the outer HTML output of a field. Outer HTML is the surrounding div (the most outside) of the field.

When outputting a field, it will have the following HTML:

<!-- Start: field outer HTML -->
<div class="rwmb-field rwmb-{$field['type']}-wrapper {$field['class']} required">

<!-- Start: field wrapper HTML -->

<!-- Start: field begin HTML -->
<div class="rwmb-label" id="{$field['id]}-label">
<label for="{$field['id']}">
<span class="rwmb-required">*</span>
<p id="{$field['id']}-label-description" class="description">{$field['label_description']}</p>
<div class="rwmb-input">
<!-- End: field begin HTML -->

<!-- Field input HTML -->

<!-- Start: field end HTML -->
<p id="{$field['id']}-description" class="description">{$field['desc']}</p>
<!-- End: field end HTML -->

<!-- End: field wrapper HTML -->

<!-- End: field outer HTML -->

This filter is used to change the field outer HTML, e.g. the wrapper div of everything for the field.

apply_filters( 'rwmb_outer_html', $html, $field, $value );

This filter accepts 3 parameters:

$htmlThe outer HTML output of a field
$fieldField settings
$valueField value

This filter has variations:

  • rwmb_outer_html: apply to all fields
  • rwmb_{$field_type}_outer_html: apply to fields with a specific type
  • rwmb_{$field_id}_outer_html: apply to a the field with a specific id