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This filter is used to change a field value before saving it in the database.

apply_filters( 'rwmb_value', $value, $field, $old, $object_id );

It accepts 4 parameters:

$valueField value which will be saved in the database
$fieldField settings
$oldThe old meta value of the field (which was previously in the database)
$object_idThe object ID

This filter has variations:

  • rwmb_value: apply to all fields
  • rwmb_{$field_type}_value: apply to fields with a specific type
  • rwmb_{$field_id}_value: apply to a field with a specific id

If you return an empty string or an empty array (for cloneable fields or fields with multiple values like file, image, checkbox list), the field won't be saved in the database.


Disallowing a value from being saved:

add_filter( 'rwmb_event_date_value', function( $new, $field, $old, $object_id ) {
if ( $new === '2022-05-01' ) { // No events on Labor Day
$new = '';
return $new;
} );