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Meta Box plugin can be used as a standalone plugin or integrated with other themes / plugins. There are 2 ways to integrate Meta Box with themes / plugins.

Using TGM Activation Class

The TGM Activation Class allows developers declare Meta Box as a dependency for their themes / plugins. To use the class, follow these steps:

  1. Download the TGM Activation Class. Make sure you select “Plugin” for the option “I’m going to use TGMPA in a:”.
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file and copy the file class-tgm-plugin-activation.php and example.php to your theme / plugin folder. You should rename example.php file to something else for easier understanding.
  3. Open the example.php file and add Meta Box to the plugin list, like this:
require_once __DIR__ . '/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php';
add_action( 'tgmpa_register', 'prefix_register_required_plugins' );
function prefix_register_required_plugins() {
    $plugins = [
            'name'     => 'Meta Box',
            'slug'     => 'meta-box',
            'required' => true,
        // More plugins
    $config  = [
        'id' => 'your-id',
    tgmpa( $plugins, $config );

For details about the configuration, please see their docs.

Finally, include the example.php file in your theme’s functions.php or your plugin’s main file.

Now when users install your theme or plugin, they will be prompted to install Meta Box plugin from After that, your theme or plugin are ready to use Meta Box.

Bundling Meta Box

To bundle the Meta Box plugin into your theme or plugin, follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the plugin folder meta-box to your theme or plugin. It doesn’t matter if you put it in the theme root folder or in a subfolder.
  2. Include the Meta Box’s main file by putting the following line into the functions.php of your theme or your plugin’s file:
require get_template_directory() . '/meta-box/meta-box.php';

Although this method works, it has some disadvantages compared to the 1st method:

  • You have to manually update the included version of Meta Box when it’s updated.
  • If users install Meta Box from or it’s included in another plugin, your code might be not compatible with those versions.

Important: This method is NOT recommended and is a bad practice. Use with your own risks. We recommend using TGM Activation Class for better compatibility.

Using Composer

Please read this detailed guide for instructions.

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