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rwmb_meta is the main helper function of the plugin, which helps you get the field value.

It’s actually a wrapper of rwmb_get_value() and rwmb_the_value() functions to make sure the returned value is always helpful to developers.

More precisely:

  • If field type is either oembed or map, it’s exactly like rwmb_the_value(), but returns the field HTML output.
  • For other field types, it’s exactly like rwmb_get_value().


To get field value or displaying it in your theme, copy the following code and paste it in your theme’s template file:

$value = rwmb_meta( $field_id );
echo $value;

You can put it in the theme single.php or template-parts/content.php file, depending on your theme structure.


The helper function rwmb_meta accepts 3 arguments as below:

rwmb_meta( $field_id, $args, $post_id );
Name Description
$field_id The field ID. Required.
$args Extra arguments for some field types (image, file, etc.). Optional. Can be array or a string in format param1=value1&param2=value2. See more details in field types (on the left menu, section Fields). Optional.
$post_id Post ID that custom fields are get from. Optional. If not present, current post ID is used.

Returned value

  • If the field has a single value (not multiple nor clone), then the function returns that value.
  • If the field has multiple values (multiple or clone), then the function returns an array of values.

This is an example how to display date of birth (which is a date field):

echo rwmb_meta( 'dob' );

This is an example how to display list of interests (a checkbox_list field):

$interests = rwmb_meta( 'interests' );
foreach ( $interests as $interest ) {
    echo $interest;

Depends on the field types, the returned value can be different. See more details in field types (on the left menu, section Fields).

Undefined function error

If you’re using rwmb_meta in your theme, there may be a situation when an admin accidentally deactivate the Meta Box plugin and you will see error “Undefined function rwmb_meta…” and your site will be broken.

To prevent this problem, a simple fix for that is adding the following code into your theme’s functions.php file:

if ( ! function_exists( 'rwmb_meta' ) ) {
    function rwmb_meta( $key, $args = '', $post_id = null ) {
        return false;

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