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MB Testimonials


MB Testimonials is a WordPress plugin that helps you add testimonials to your website easily. It has 7 beautiful pre-made templates that you can customize with HTML / CSS. In addition, you can display the testimonials in two styles: grid and slider.

Note: MB Testimonials plugin is only available for the Lifetime Bundle.


First, you need to install and activate Meta Box from Next, download MB Favorite Posts plugin from the My Account page, then upload the .zip file from the Admin Dashboard.

Note: MB Testimonials and other solutions are not included in Meta Box AIO, so you can install them independently without Meta Box AIO.

Add Testimonials

Go to Testimonials > Add New:

Add new testimonials to your WordPress website

Next, fill in the name and the information for the testimonial:

Fill in the name and the information for the testimonial

Click Add more to add other testimonials or click Remove to delete them:

Add other testimonials.

In addition, you can drag and drop to arrange testimonials easily:

Drag and drop to arrange testimonials

Configure the Testimonials

In the Settings section, choose a built-in template in the Display tab:

Choose a built-in template provided by MB Testimonials plugin

Right below the templates, go to the Click here section to show the code of the chosen template. You can customize the template by editing the code with HTML. Also, you can delete the code and create a new template.

Customize the template

In the Styling tab, set up the parameters of the testimonials as you want:

Set up the parameters of the testimonials

Finally, don’t forget to click Publish.

Display Testimonials on the Front End

After publishing, the plugin will generate a shortcode for the Testimonials post that we’ve created.

Use the shortcode to display the testimonials on the front end of your WordPress website

Copy and paste this shortcode to pages, posts, widgets, ... where you want to display the testimonials.

Paste the shortcode of MB Testimonials wherever you want

The testimonials will display on the front end as follows:

The testimonials show up on the front end of the WordPress website.