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The background field allows you to set background properties for a post. You can set the background color, select an image, and set other background settings.



This field doesn't have any specific settings. It only uses common settings.

This is a sample field settings array when creating this field with code:

'id' => 'background',
'name' => 'Section background',
'type' => 'background',


This field stores background properties in a serialized array in the post meta.

Template usage

Getting the background properties:

$background = rwmb_meta( 'my_field_id' );
echo $background['color'];
echo $background['image'];

This helper function returns an array of background properties:

'color' => '#111222',
'image' => '',
'position' => 'top left',
'attachment' => 'fixed',
'size' => 'cover',
'repeat' => 'no-repeat',

Outputting the CSS for the background:

<div style="<?php rwmb_the_value( 'my_field_id' ) ?>">
<h2>My section title</h2>
<p>My section content</p>