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The number field creates a simple HTML5 number input. You can enter a number or use the up/down arrow to change the number. It works with both integers and float numbers.



This meta number field inherits all settings from the text field. Besides, it has the following specific settings, the keys are for use with code:

StepstepThe increments for the value. Accepts an integer, a float number, or the string any (if you want to enter any value). Default is 1. Optional.
Min valueminMinimum value. Optional.
Max valuemaxMaximum value. Optional.

This is a sample field settings array when creating this field with code:

'name' => 'Number',
'id' => 'number',
'type' => 'number',
'min' => 0,
'step' => 0.5,


This meta number field saves the entered value into the database.

If the field is cloneable, then the value is stored as a serialized array in a single row in the database.

Template usage

Displaying the value:

<p>Entered: <?php rwmb_the_value( 'my_field_id' ) ?></p>

Getting the value:

<?php $value = rwmb_meta( 'my_field_id' ) ?>
<p>Entered: <?= $value ?></p>

Formatting the value:

<?php $value = rwmb_meta( 'my_field_id' ) ?>
<p>Entered: <?= number_format( $value ) ?></p>

Displaying cloneable values:

<?php $values = rwmb_meta( 'my_field_id' ) ?>
<?php foreach ( $values as $value ) : ?>
<p><?= $value ?></p>
<?php endforeach ?>