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The single image field allows user to select or upload one image via the WordPress media library. It’s similar to the image_advanced field, but limit to select only one image.


single image


Besides the common settings, this field has the following specific settings:

Name Description
force_delete Whether or not delete the files from Media Library when deleting them from post meta. true or false (default). Optional. Note: it might affect other posts if you use same file for multiple posts.

Sample code

    'type' => 'single_image',
    'name' => 'Single Image',
    'id'   => 'my_image',


This field saves the image ID in the post meta.

Template usage

To get the uploaded image, use the helper function rwmb_meta():

$image = rwmb_meta( 'info', array( 'size' => 'thumbnail' ) );
echo '<a href="', $image['full_url'], '"><img src="', $image['url'], '"></a>';

This 2nd argument for rwmb_meta is an array of extra parameters and accepts the following parameters:

Name Description
size Image size returned. Optional. If missed, thumbnail will be used.

This helper function returns an array of image information:

    'ID'   => 123,
    'name' => 'logo-150x80.png',
    'path' => '/var/www/wp-content/uploads/logo-150x80.png',
    'url' => '',
    'width' => 150,
    'height' => 80,
    'full_url' => '',
    'title' => 'Logo',
    'caption' => 'Logo caption',
    'description' => 'Used in the header',
    'alt' => 'Logo ALT text',
    'srcset' => 'large.jpg 1920w, medium.jpg 960w, small.jpg 480w' // List of responsive image src
    'sizes' => array(), // List of image sizes. See
    'image_meta' => array(), // List of image meta. See

If you only want to display the uploaded image, use the rwmb_the_value():

rwmb_the_value( $field_id, array( 'size' => 'thumbnail' ) );

which outputs:

<a href="link/to/full-size"><img src="link/to/image"></a>

Read more about rwmb_meta() and rwmb_the_value().


This field inherits from image advanced and thus, uses the same filters to change the texts that display on the screen.

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