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The button groups allows you to select one or more options by enabling buttons from a button group. This field is helpful when you want to display choices in the style of a toolbar.


button group


Besides the common settings, this field has the following specific settings:

Name Description
options Array of 'value' => 'Label' pairs. value is stored in the custom field. Labels can be any text or HTML string. You can set label to Text 1 or dashicon like <i class="dashicons dashicons-editor-bold"></i>. Required.
inline Whether to display buttons horizontally (true - default) or vertically (false).
multiple Enable multiple choices.

Sample code

    'id'       => 'styles',
    'name'     => 'Styles',
    'type'     => 'button_group',

    'options'  => array(
        'bold'      => '<i class="dashicons dashicons-editor-bold"></i>',
        'italic'    => '<i class="dashicons dashicons-editor-italic"></i>',
        'underline' => '<i class="dashicons dashicons-editor-underline"></i>',
    'inline'   => true,
    'multiple' => true,


This field saves value(s) in the database. If field is multiple, then each value is stored in a single row in the database with the same meta key (similar to what add_post_meta does with last parameter false).

If the field is cloneable, then the value is stored as a serialized array in a single row in the database.

Template usage

If field is not multiple, to get the field value, use this code:

$value = rwmb_meta( $field_id );
echo $value;

The rwmb_meta() function returns the saved value in the database (the value in the options array). If you want to display the label, use this code:

rwmb_the_value( $field_id );

If field is multiple, the returned value of rwmb_meta is an array and you can loop through it as below:

$values = rwmb_meta( $field_id );
foreach ( $values as $value ) {
    echo $value;

Read more about rwmb_meta() and rwmb_the_value().

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