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The time field allows you to select a time via a friendly UI. This field uses jQuery UI time picker libraries.



time picker

Time as select dropdowns:

time picker 2


Besides the common settings, this field has the following specific settings:

Name Description
size size of the input box. Optional. Default 10.
inline Whether to display the date picker inline with the edit, e.g. do not require to click the input field to trigger the date picker? true or false (default).
js_options Time picker options. See here.

Sample code

    'name'       => 'Time picker',
    'id'         => 'field_id',
    'type'       => 'time',

    // Time options, see here http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/
    'js_options' => array(
        'stepMinute'      => 15,
        'controlType'     => 'select',
        'showButtonPanel' => false,
        'oneLine'         => true,

    // Display inline?
    'inline'     => false,


This field simply saves a single entered time in the database.

If the field is cloneable, then the value is stored as a serialized array in a single row in the database.

Template usage

To get the field value, use the following code:

$value = rwmb_meta( $field_id );
echo $value;

If field is cloneable:

$values = rwmb_meta( $field_id );
foreach ( $values as $value ) {
    echo $value;

Read more about rwmb_meta().

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