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Showing the featured restaurants - Bricks

Let’s see how to showcase some featured posts on a page. Take restaurants as an example like this:

Example of some featured posts on a page

Video version


This section will display only the restaurants which are manually chosen to be featured. To do it, we will create a custom field to choose which one is featured.

Each restaurant is a post of a custom post type. Its name and image are the post title and the featured image. Besides this basic information, additional information such as address, voucher, and logo will be added as well and saved in different custom fields.

These are the tools we need for this practice:

1. Creating a custom post type

Go to Meta Box > Post Types to create a new post type.

Create a custom post type

After publishing, you’ll see a new Restaurants menu in the admin dashboard.

The created restaurants menu disappear in the admin dashboard

2. Creating custom fields

Go to Meta Box > Custom Fields to create a new field group. I’ll create some fields as below to save extra information:

Create custom fields

To select and display which restaurant is featured on the frontend. I choose the Switch field so users can change the selection button.

Select and display which restaurant is featured on the frontend

You should name an easy-to-remember ID for this field since we’ll use it later.

This is how the switch field displays in the post editor. The Off status will show that the restaurant is not featured. On the contrary, the On status will show that the restaurant is featured.

On and off status

Choose the wanted status

After creating all the needed fields, move to the Settings tab, choose Location as Post Type and select Restaurant to apply these fields to it.

Choose Location for the created fields

Then, you’ll see all the created custom fields when editing any post in the Restaurants post type.

All the created fields in the post type

3. Creating a section on homepage

Go to Pages and edit Homepage with Bricks.

Create a section on the homepage

Add a new Section element to contain all the restaurants’ information.

Add a Section element

To name the section, add a Heading element.

Add a heading element

Now, let’s set the condition to display the featured posts.

3.1 Setting the condition

To get all the posts from the post type, we can use the Posts element. We also can use this element in this practice. It supports adding conditions to choose which posts you want to show. However, we’ll use another way to do it by using a div tag in this tutorial. So, add a Div element.

With this Div element, you can get posts with conditions as well. But, to get each information of the posts, you can add different elements then easily style each one with more options of settings instead of coding.

WSet the condition

Since each restaurant is a post of a custom post type, enable the Use the query loop option and set the query to get the wanted posts and post type.

Set the query to get the wanted posts

Choose the options

We’ll display the featured restaurants only, so scroll down to find the Meta Query section and enter the meta key as the ID of the field named Feature the Restaurant.

Enter the meta key as the ID of the field

Since this is a Switch field with 2 options: On or Off. Corresponding to these 2 options, their values are 1 and 0. So if you want to choose the featured posts which you turned on the button, enter 1 corresponding to the On option in the Meta Value*.

Then, choose the Compare and Type options as Equal and Numeric, respectively.

Choose the compare and type options

That’s all for the condition. Next, we’ll display all the information of the restaurants.

3.2 Displaying the restaurants information

Add an Image element to display the image of the restaurant. Since these images are the featured image of the post, choose the Select dynamic data button and find the Featured Image option in the Post section.

Add an Image element to display the image

Then, all the restaurants’ images have been obtained.

All the images have been obtained

For the Logo of the restaurant, also add the Image element > select dynamic data button and search for the field.

For the Logo of the restaurant

For the name of the restaurant means the title of the post, add the Post Title element. After that, all the names of the restaurant will display correspondingly.

add the pót tittle element

For the Voucher information, add the Basic Text element and also use the select dynamic data button and find the corresponding fields. Here, it’s Voucher.

Add the Basic text element

To display the Address information, do the same.

Do likewise to display the Address information

Now, all the information of the featured restaurants is shown.

All the information of the featured restaurants is shown

4. Styling the section

For styling, you can easily style each element in the Bricks visual builder. In the event that you want to have advanced styling, just add CSS classes for the element you want. Then, go to Style tab > CSS and add some code in the Custom CSS section.

In my cases, I want to style the voucher field with advanced styling so I did it as an example:

Style the section

Add some code

This is the result of my featured restaurants section:

The final result