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Changing the RSS content

This article will show you how to get information from a custom field created by Meta Box then include them into the RSS feed. I will use Meta Box Builder to have a UI to create custom fields.

1. Creating custom fields

Go to Meta Box > Custom Fields > Add New to create fields.

Create custom fields

After creating all the fields, move to the Settings tab. Remember to set the Location as Post Type, and select your product’s post type to apply these fields to it. The Post Type I’ve applied for is Booking.

Se location for the created fields

Back to the post editor, the custom fields will be there.

Created fields display in the post editor

You can fill in some information to the fields to check if it is in the RSS in the next step.

2. Displaying custom fields’ values on the frontend

We’ll use the function rwmb_meta() to get value from the fields.

In your theme folder, find the content.php and add this code:

<strong>Price</strong>: <?php echo rwmb_meta( 'price' ) ?>
<strong>Availability</strong>: <?php echo rwmb_meta( 'availability' ) ?>

In there, price and availability are the IDs of the fields.

Back to your post, the values of these fields will be displayed as follows:

The values of the created fields

The custom fields’ values are shown. Next is to include them in the RSS feed.

3. Adding the values of custom fields to the rss feed

Go to the functions.php file and add this code:

* MetaBox- Add custom fields into RSS Feed

function prefix_add_custom_fields_to_feed($content) {
if(is_feed()) {
$post_id = get_the_ID();
$price = rwmb_meta('price');
$output = '<div><h3>Hotel Information</h3>';
$output .= '<p><strong>Price:</strong> ' . $price . '</p>';

$availability = rwmb_meta('availability');
$output .= '<p><strong>Availability:</strong> ' . $availability . '</p>';
$output .= '</div>';
$content = $content.$output;
return $content;


  • if(is_feed()) {}: to make sure that we are inputting the data into the RSS feed;
  • rwmb_meta(): we also use this function to get values from fields;
  • price and availability also are the IDs of the fields;
  • $output .=: to write the returned values into the RSS feed.

4. Displaying RSS feed

Go to Appearance > Widgets, find the RSS tab then drag it into the area you want. Then you enter a link which is in the form of in the RSS Feed URL section.

Display the rss feed

This is the result when searching url:

The result

So, you’ve finished changing the RSS feed’s content already.