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Creating an FAQs page - Meta Box + Elementor

We’re going to add FAQs to a page using Meta Box. And, we’ll use Elementor to build the page.

This is the example page:

Example of FAQs page created by using Meta Box and Elementor

Video version


We have a FAQs page that needs to have custom fields for saving the questions and corresponding answers for it. So we need these tools to do it:

  • Meta Box to have the framework for creating custom fields. It’s free, and you can download it directly from
  • Meta Box Group: to organize custom fields into robust and intensely user-friendly groups;
  • Meta Box Builder: to have an intuitive UI to create custom fields in the backend;
  • Meta Box Include Exclude: to add more rules on where to display the field group on the FAQs page;
  • Meta Box - Elementor Integrator: to connect and display data from custom fields created by Meta Box plugin in the Elementor's dynamic tags;
  • Elementor (Pro version): to build the page for displaying Q&A;

1. Creating a new page

Go to Pages > Add New to create a new page for FAQs.

Create a new page

2. Creating custom fields

Go to Meta Box > Custom Fields to create a new field group for the page.

These are fields I’ve just created.

Set group as cloneable to add more questions and answers easily

Since each question will go along with the corresponding answer, we have these 2 fields inside a group: Questions and Answers.

There also will be more than one couple of Q&A. So, we set this group to be cloneable to easily add more questions and answers. Then, there'll be an Add More button to allow adding more Q&A to the FAQs page as follows.

Adding more options to the page with Add more button

To avoid being messy when you have too many Q&A on the page, you can set this group to be collapsible. This is optional only.

Set the group to be collapsible to display the Q&A in a tidy way

It’ll look more clear.

Fields display the Q&A in a tidy way

After creating all the fields, move to the Settings tab, choose Location as Post type and select Page. Since we created the fields for the FAQs page, go to the Advanced location rules section below and choose the FAQ.

Set location for FAQs page

Then, you can easily see all the fields in the page editor. Just fill in the Q&A.

The page with created custom fields

3. Creating a skin

If you don’t use a cloneable field, you can get the data as usual, all of them will be displayed with the same style. Here, I used a cloneable field and was willing to have a different style for the questions and answers. So, I’ll create a skin to do it easily.

Go to Templates > Theme Builder > Meta Box Group Skin > Add New to create a new skin.

Create a skin in Template from the Menu Dashboard

Click Add New for new skin to appear in the Meta Box groups skin

Remember to set the preview for the skin.

Set the preview for the skin

Then, add a Heading element for the questions.

Get the information as answers that save in MB custom fields

To get the information of the question saved in custom fields, click the Dynamic Tags button in the settings of the Heading element > choose Meta Box Field in the Post section.

Get the information as answers that save in MB custom fields

Then, choose the name of the field you want to get data from. In my case, it’s Question.

Choose the name of the wanted field to get data

For the answer of the corresponding question, add the Text Editor element. Then, also use the Dynamic Tags button > Meta Box Fields > choose the Answer fields.

Choose Text Editor element for the answer of the corresponding questions created

Now, both the question and answer have been obtained already.

It’ll automatically get and display the information saved in the first group (means the 1st question and answer) only for the preview.

Since this skin will be applied for the FAQs page, remember to add a condition when publishing it.

Add a condition when publishing

4. Applying the skin to the page

Go to Pages > edit the FAQs page with Elementor.

Edit the FAQs page with Elementor

Since all the information of the Q&A is saved in a cloneable group with subfields, add the Meta Box Group element to get the data from that group.

Add the Meta Box Group element to get the data

Then, there’ll be some data displayed in the preview. However, it may not be the information correctly as you want. So, change the settings in the left sidebar to the needed ones as follows.

Set options in the left side bar to match the information with the previews

The Object Type of the template will have 2 options are Post and Settings page. Since our custom fields are for a page, we choose the Post option. It will be the same if your fields are applied for a post type. In the event that your custom fields are for a settings page, choose another one.

It will be automatically set as the created-latest group in the Group section. If it is not the group field you want, you can change them to the right one.

Then all the data will be displayed correctly, but there is no styling.

For styling, choose the skin that you’ve created in the Skin section. Then, it will turn to the new look with the style of the created skin.

Choose the skin created

Now, all the questions and answers have been shown with different styles.

Q&A shows with different style

Since the element which is the question and answer are set in the skin, you need to go back to the created skin to style it if you want to have more advanced styling.

Back to the created skin to style

Then all the changes in the skin will be automatically applied for the page.

The result of created faqs page

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