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Showing posts with specific criteria - Meta Box + Bricks

In sale seasons, you may want to create an archive page to display only the products which are on sale, then this series is for you. In this practice, we’re going to show posts with specific criteria, in this case, it’s the products that are on sale.

I’ll create a page using Bricks to show them like this with an example of dishes for the products.

Example of showing the posts with criteria

Video version


Each dish is a post of a custom post type and there may be some extra information you want to save in custom fields for them. In this case, I have two fields in order to save the original price and the promotional price. All the dishes which have the promotional price, which means that it’s on sale, will be displayed on the page.

In this practice, we need these tools:

Creating a custom post type

Go to Meta Box > Post Types > Add New to create a new post type for the dishes. Here, I name it Cuisines.

Create a custom post type

Creating custom fields

Go to Meta Box > Custom Fields to create fields.

Create custom fields

Here are the two fields that I’ve just created.

After creating all the fields, move to the Settings tab > Location as Post type > select Cuisines to apply these fields to it.

Set location for the created fields

When creating any post in the Cuisines post type, you’ll see all created custom fields.

New post in the Cuisines post type in the Post Editor

Creating the page

Go to Pages > Add New to create a new page.

Create the Page

Then, let’s edit it with Bricks.

Edit with Bricks

First, add a new Section element to contain all the dishes’ information.

Add a Section element

Next, add a Heading element to display the page’s title. Since the title of the page is the post title, choose Select dynamic data > Post title to get the page’s name.

Add a Heading element

Now, we’re going to get the dishes. However, we just want to display only the dishes that are on sale. So, we need to set conditions for them. Let’s see how to do it.

Setting the condition

Inside the Container, add a Div element to cover all of the post.

Add a Div element to cover all of the post

Since each dish is a post of a custom post type, switch the button to enable the Use the query loop option and set the query. Choose Post and Cuisines to get the data from posts of that post type.

Enable the Use the query loop and set the query

Because we just want to display only the posts that are on sale, which means the Promotional Price field of those posts must have a value. So, scroll down to the Meta Query section. Based on the value of the Promotional Price fields, we can clarify which dishes to display. Therefore, in the Meta Key, fill in the ID of the Promotional Price field.

Fill in the ID of promotional price field in the Meta Key

Then in the Compare, choose Not equal. So, all the posts having value in the Promotional Price fields will be chosen to display.

Choose Not equal in the Compare

That’s all for the condition. Next, we’ll display the information you want for each post.

Displaying the cuisines information

To display the image of the dishes, add the Image element.

Add an Image element

Since these images are the featured image of the post, choose the Select dynamic data button and find the Featured Image option in the Post section.

Choose Featured Image to get the image of the dish

Next, to get the name of the dish which is the post title, add a Heading element, and choose the Select dynamic data button, then find Post Title.

Add a Heading element and choose Post title through the Select dynamic data button

After that, add a Div element.

For the price of the dish, instead of adding Basic Text, I’d like to use the Rich Text element to get information about the price. The Basic Text allows you to get the data from the field only, but the Rich Text enables adding the extra text along with the data.

So, to display the original price, add a Rich Text element.

Add a Rich text element for the original price field

This is the section of the custom fields created by Meta Box for the Cuisines post type. Go to Meta Box (Cuisines) and then find the Original Price field.

Find the correct field

For the promotional price information, do likewise.

Do likewise with promotional price field

To display the description of the dish which is the post content, add a Basic text and then connect it to the Post content fields through the Select dynamic data button.

Add a Basic Text for the post content

Now, all the information is shown. This is how it displays on the front end.

All information has been obtained

Styling the page

Still in the page editor with Bricks, style any element you want by changing their settings in the Style tab.

Style the page

The archive page now displays beautifully.

The archive page displays beautifully