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Migrating from CPT UI to Meta Box

You can move data from the CPT UI to the Meta Box with the help of the MB Custom Post Types & Taxonomies extensions. It will save a lot of time and shorten the process dramatically.

1. Backing up the data


Remember to back up your data before migrating to avoid unexpected events.

Here is my example. I have this Companies post type created by CPT UI with all the posts inside.

Post typed created by CPU UI

As you can see in the Plugin menu, the CPT UI has already been activated.

Activate the CPU UI

I will now proceed to transfer the data.

2. Installing plugins

I'll install and activate MB Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies.

After that, the new Post Types menu appears on the Dashboard along with the CPT UI Migration sub-menu.

New Post Type menu appears on the Dashboard

3. Migrating the data

Go to the Post Types menu > CPT UI Migration > Click the Migrate button.

Click the Migrate button in the Post Types menu

When the process finishes, it will show a "Done" message.

Note: The CPT UI menu will automatically disappear when the migration process finishes. This is because Meta Box automatically deactivated it to avoid conflict and errors caused by registering the same post type.

4. Validating

The Companies post type and all the terms in the Company Types taxonomy are still there. They are the new ones created by Meta Box. It also means that all the data was migrated successfully.

The Companies post type has successfully migrated

And the CPT UI has already been deactivated.

The CPT UI has already been deactivated

The migration has been done.