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Analyzing content in custom fields for SEO - Rank Math

We will use custom fields to add extra information to the content analysis of Rank Math by using the MB Rank Math extension from Meta Box. It supports not only the Text, Textarea, and Wysiwyg fields from Meta Box but also cloneable fields (or repeated fields).

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First thing first, make sure that you installed and activated Meta Box and Rank Math. You can install Meta Box directly from or download it from

You also need these extensions of Meta Box:

  • Meta Box Builder: to have a UI on the back end to create custom fields easily.
  • MB Rank Math: to allow Rank Math analyze content from custom fields created by Meta Box.

Now, when you go to a post or page, the content in the custom fields hasn’t been added in the Rank Math content analysis yet. To analyze the content in the custom fields, follow this tutorial.

1. Configuring custom fields

Go to Meta Box > Custom Fields and create or configure some fields.

Configure custom fields

Open the field that you want Rank Math to analyze its content. Then, move to the Advanced tab and add new Custom settings like this:

Add new custom settings

No matter if the field is cloneable or not, you can add the custom settings as above. It always works.

2. Checking the results in Rank Math

Before configuring the fields as above, Rank Math just analyze the content in the Content field like this:

Rank math analyze the content in the content field

After completing creating custom settings, you can see the content of the field displayed in the Rank Math SEO Analysis. For example, Rank Math analyzes my content in the description field and displays the information about length, focus keyword, …

The result

The rest of your work now is writing SEO-optimized content.